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Five WFX2 Evo WP Black
US$ 6838 US$ 7603
Klim Adventure Short Gore-Tex Black
REV'IT! Fusion 2 GTX Black Sale
US$ 9466 US$ 13523
REV'IT! Hydra 2 H2O Black
US$ 7606
Spidi Grip 3 H2Out Red
US$ 7218 US$ 7599
Spidi Rainshield Black
US$ 8021 US$ 8444
Five WFX City Short Gore-Tex Black
US$ 7599 US$ 8448
Klim Vanguard GTX Short Monument Gray
Five TFX1 GTX Black
US$ 15206 US$ 16901
Dainese D-Explorer 2 Glacier Gray Blue Lava Red Black
REV'IT! Mangrove Sand Black
US$ 5493
Spidi NKD H2Out Black
US$ 8021 US$ 8444
Five WFX Prime GTX
US$ 12924 US$ 14365
REV'IT! Stratos 2 GTX Black
US$ 12678
REV'IT! Cayenne 2 Black Sand
US$ 11833
REV'IT! Sand 4 Ladies Light Gray Black
Spidi X-GT Black
US$ 7218 US$ 7599
Spidi Alu-Pro Evo Yellow Fluo
US$ 10430 US$ 10980
Klim Adventure Short GTX Tan
US$ 16905
Klim Badlands Aero Pro Short Monument Gray
REV'IT! Cayenne 2 Black
US$ 11833
REV'IT! Volcano Ladies Black Neon Yellow
REV'IT! Mangrove Silver Black
US$ 5493
Five WFX2 WP Black
US$ 6077 US$ 6758
Knox Urbane Pro Black
US$ 10142
Spidi TX-T Black
US$ 8021 US$ 8444
REV'IT! Duty Ladies Black
US$ 6761
Knox Covert Mk3 Black
US$ 12678
Dainese Thunder Gore-Tex Black Red
US$ 12675 US$ 15210
REV'IT! Sand 4 Light Gray Black
US$ 9297
Claw Siberia Heated Gloves
US$ 13520 US$ 15210
REV'IT! Mangrove Black
US$ 5493
Five TFX3 Airflow Sand Brown
US$ 6077 US$ 6758
Spidi TX-T Fluo Yellow
US$ 8021 US$ 8444
Spidi Flash CE Sand
US$ 4412 US$ 4640
Klim Mojave Pro Desert Tan
US$ 5917

Items 1-36 of 329

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Adventure & touring gloves

A true adventure & touring rider needs to be ready for all kinds of conditions. Next to your adventure & touring jacket, adventure & touring pants and adventure & touring boots, gloves are an important part of your gear! Your hands are one of the most vulnerable body parts, so it is important to choose a glove which offers the right amount of protection and comfort and of course style!

Why adventure and touring gloves?

Adventure and touring gloves come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs and price categories. Do you want a premium, waterproof and breathable glove? Take a look at gloves with a Gore-tex membrane from, for example Klim gloves! Are you looking for a more affordable Adventure glove? Brands like Five offer a lot of value for the money! Adventure and touring gloves can be made from all kinds of materials. From goat, cowhide and kangaroo leather to Polyester and microfiber. Apart from that, gloves are available for summer, midseason and winter, with all different kinds of unique features. The possibilities are endless! There is a fitting adventure and touring glove for everybody!

Why buy at Chromeburner?

When you buy your adventure & touring gloves at Chromeburner, you benefit from our unique services. We send our products worldwide and fast: if you order on time, we will send the product the same day, so you can enjoy your adventure & touring gloves as soon as possible! Still have doubts? Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have! Our team is ready to help you find the right gloves!