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Scorpion Covert-X Solid Matt Black Jet Helmet
US$ 20110 US$ 23659
Scorpion Covert-X Tattoo Matt Black-Silver Jet Helmet Sale
US$ 19012 US$ 25349
Scorpion Covert-X Solid Black Jet Helmet
US$ 20110 US$ 23659
Helstons Naked Carbon Fiber Mat Black Jet Helmet
US$ 20464 US$ 23583
Shark Street Drak Blank GMA Matt Green Jet Helmet
ROOF Voyager Carbon Glossy Silver Strip Jet Helmet
Scorpion EXO-Combat Evo Solid Matt Black Multi Helmet Sale
US$ 12672 US$ 16897
Scorpion Covert-X T-Rust Matt White Red Jet Helmet Sale
US$ 12675 US$ 25349
Scorpion Belfast Evo Pique Matt Black-Silver Jet Helmet
US$ 14363 US$ 16897
Helstons Flag Carbon Fiber Burgundy Jet Helmet
US$ 21224 US$ 23583
Scorpion EXO-S1 Solid Cement Grey Jet Helmet
US$ 14297 US$ 16821
Nexx X.Viliby Gent Carbon Grey Matt
Nexx SX.60 Jazzy Navy Blue Jet Helmet
NEXX SX.60 Cruise 2 White Camel
Nexx Sx.60 Artizan Black Camel Matt
Nexx SX.60 Jazzy Black Mt
Helstons Sun Carbon Fiber Beige Jet Helmet
US$ 21224 US$ 23583
ROOF Roadster Mat Black Jet Helmet
US$ 21482 US$ 26964
Shark S-Drak 2 Carbon Skin DSK Carbon Silver Black Jet Helmet
Helstons Corporate Carbon Fiber Grey Jet Helmet
US$ 20759 US$ 21892
Scorpion Covert-X Solid Cement Grey Matt Jet Helmet
US$ 20110 US$ 23659
Premier Vintage Evo U 9 Glitter Gold  Jet Helmet
US$ 17328 US$ 22146
Scorpion Belfast Carbon Lofty Gold Jet Helmet Sale
US$ 20914 US$ 27885
Shark Citycruiser Karonn Mat Anthracite Yellow Black AYK Jet Helmet
Nexx SX.60 Cruise 2 Black Camel Matte
Premier Vintage Platinum Ed.Dr Do 92 Jet Helmet
US$ 24804 US$ 26964
Nexx X.Viliby Plain Indigo Blue Matt Jet Helmet
Scorpion Covert-X Tattoo Matt Black-Red Jet Helmet
US$ 21547 US$ 25349
Scorpion EXO-230 Condor Matt Black-Red Jet Helmet
US$ 11489 US$ 13516
Shark Citycruiser Karonn Mat Black Anthracite Red KAR Jet Helmet
ROOF Roadster Iron Mat Black Silver Jet Helmet
Premier Vintage Evo Carbon  Jet Helmet
US$ 22315 US$ 28316
Scorpion Belfast Evo Pique Cream-Black Jet Helmet
US$ 14363 US$ 16897
Scorpion Belfast Evo Retrol Black-Brown Jet Helmet
US$ 14363 US$ 16897
Helstons Flag Carbon Fiber Black Jet Helmet
US$ 21224 US$ 23583
Premier Rocker On 19 Bm Jet Helmet
US$ 9813 US$ 10904

Items 1-36 of 345

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Jet helmets

Looking for a helmet for the city or to match your cruiser bike? A jet helmet is the way to go! Stylish, no-nonsense and timeless: an open face helmet allows you to enjoy riding your bike to the fullest. These helmets can be used with or without visor an can be made out of fiber glass or even carbon fiber. The jet helmet is especially suitable in the summer, because you’ll be able to feel the warm summer air on your face. ChromeBurner offers a huge selection of jet helmets for you to get exactly what you need!

What are the benefits of Jet motorcycle helmets?

With an open face motorcycle helmet you’ll have the experience of a wider view when your riding your motorcycle. You’ll also be able to interact more with the riding conditions. Isn’t it a spectacular sensation to feel the wind in your face while you are riding. We carry jet helmets with flip up visors, so you can also wear the helmet with separate protective goggles. The jet helmet is also a very lightweight helmet, so it’s comfortable on your head. All our helmets are ECE 22.05 approved so keep that in mind if you live in the USA or Canada and need a DOT rated helmet! The only true downside to a jet motorcycle helmet is that it is less protective than a full face helmet, so you should consider this while buying a motorcycle helmet.

How should a jet helmet for motorcycles fit?

Whether you’re wearing a jet helmet from Schuberth, Shark or Scorpion, it is essential that your helmet has the right fit. A jet helmet should sit firmly around your head, but shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight. Are you not sure which size jet motorcycle helmet you need? Use the size chart in the product description to help you find the perfect helmet. When you try the helmet on, shake your head from side to side. If the helmet moves independently, it is too big.

Buy your jet motorcycle helmet at ChromeBurner

With a jet motorcycle helmet you basically can’t go wrong, unless you pick the wrong size of course. If you have any questions about these helmets, our gear geeks are ready to answer all of them! You can reach us by telephone 073 200 80 20 or send us an email at We offer worldwide shipping for all orders and if you order in time we will ship your order the same day!

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